Regina Vontell, PhD

Regina Vontell, PhD

Associate Director
Brain Endowment Bank

Research Assistant Professor of Neurology
Associate Director of Clinical and Histopathology

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University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
1951 NW 7th Avenue, Suite 240
Miami, FL 33136
Phone: 305-243-6219
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Dr. Vontell received her PhD in Neurobiology at the School of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering Research from King’s College London and Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom. Her primary research has focused on the inflammatory mediators in the brain and their relation to complex diseases; she has been instrumental in studies that identify potential targets for neuronal inflammation. She collaborates with Drs. Scott, Sun, and Rutherford (King’s College London) to identify factors influencing white matter pathology in fetal development and in the ageing population. In addition, she has been involved in developing and implementing educational rotations for the University of Miami Neuroscience Graduate Program. She serves on the editorial board for the journal of Clinical Neurology and Neuroscience.