Katalina Fernández McInerney, Ph.D.

fernandez-195x260Neuropsychology Postdoctoral Fellow
Division of Neuropsychology
Department of Neurology
University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine
1150 N.W. 14th Street
Professional Arts Center #604
Miami, FL 33136
Phone: 305-243-7529
Fax: 305-243-7218
Email: kfm42@med.miami.edu

Dr. McInerney’s research focuses on intervention and rehabilitation strategies for neurologically compromised individuals. She is currently involved in several research studies examining neuropsychological and affective changes following DBS in Parkinson’s disease. She has developed a guided relaxation intervention for individuals as they undergo the DBS procedure. She is also interested in markers of competency in healthy cognitive aging. She is currently working on a screening questionnaire to assess financial and medical capacity in Hispanic and non-Hispanic individuals with mild cognitive impairment and the oldest old. Her dissertation focused on the neurocognitive correlates of hazard perception in active driving older adults.