The MBRF Cognitive Aging and Memory Intervention Core

Inter-institutional Pilot Program




Application Receipt Date

LOI Deadline:                              May 15, 2022


Full Application Deadline:           July 1, 2022

(if invited to submit by the Core)

Purpose:  The McKnight Research Foundation (MBRF) Cognitive Aging and Memory Intervention Core invites inter-institutional MBRF applications for pilot studies to support interventions to reduce age-related memory loss and cognitive decline. The specific goal of these projects will be to collect pilot data across two or more MBI (McKnight Brain Institute) sites to facilitate grant submission to extramural funding sources for multi-MBI site cognitive aging and memory intervention trials.


Eligibility Requirements:  Please read carefully.

 Applications are solicited from investigators from the MBI sites.

  • Applications must include at least two MRI sites
  • Applications must propose preliminary or pilot interventions with promise for combating cognitive aging and age-related memory decline in older adults
  • Investigators who have received a previous award are eligible to applying for a second pilot grant as long as the application meets the above criteria.
  • LOI submitted by the Deadline  (May 15, 2022) using the attached form.
  • Only applications that have not been submitted for review and remain unfunded by any source will be considered.
  • Awardees will be asked to serve as a reviewers for 1-2 cycles (2023 & 2024)
  • Young investigators are encouraged to apply. The review committee will give priority to junior investigators for at least one of the awards.
  • Both pre-clinical/translational and clinical interventions are eligible for consideration.


Mechanisms of Support:  Up to two grants of up to total of $60,000 per year for 2 years will be made. The funding period is for maximum of two years.


Research Objectives:  The MBRF Cognitive Aging and Memory Intervention Core was established to facilitate multi-McKnight site cognitive aging and memory interventions, as well as collect and disseminate information important for cross-site study collaborations. The Cognitive Aging and Memory Intervention Core will work with invited applicants to facilitate access to necessary resources for multi-site intervention across the MBI sites.



Pre-proposal Letter of Interest (LOI):  LOI is required for all applications using the attached form. The LOI must be sent by May 15, 2022 to  Ronald Lazar ( and Bonnie Levin ( via email attachment. LOIs will be reviewed by the MBRF Cognitive Aging and Memory Intervention Core Committee and selected investigators will be invited to submit a full application.

Full Application: The full applications must be submitted by the deadline of July 1, 2022. The proposal should be sent to Ronald Lazar  (  and Bonnie Levin ( via email attachment in a single file in the PDF format.

Applications must include:

  • A cover letter with the names and contact information and up to 2-3 potential qualified reviewers
  • Face Page: Project Title, Senior/Key Personnel, Project/Performance Sites, Contact PI (and Contact PI information)
  • Research Plan – limited to 5 pages (without References) and should include:
    1. Summary (max 1/2 page)
    2. Specific Aims
    3. Research Strategy (Significance, Innovation, Approach)
    4. Multisite MBI Collaborations
    5. Timeline and Future Directions
    6. References
  • Detailed Budget (Budget limited to $60,000 per year in total costs) and Budget Justification. Indirect costs are not allowable.
  • Biographical Sketch(es) for Key Personnel:


APPLICATION REVIEW CRITERIA:  Applications will be reviewed for scientific merit by two expert reviewers. Applications will be rated based on 1) significance, 2) quality, innovation and feasibility, 3) collaborations across the MBRF sites, 4) likelihood of leading to a successful larger grant application, and 4) potential of applications to develop into a successful research program in the field.

The final selection of projects for funding will be made by the MBRF and the Cognitive Aging and Memory Intervention Core and awardees will be contacted by email.

The anticipated funding start date of successful applications is September 1, 2022.


INQUIRIES: Inquiries regarding application and review procedures can be directed to the MBRF Inter-Institutional Cognitive Aging and Memory Intervention Core members:

Lee Ryan, PhD – University of Arizona

Gene E. Alexander, PhD – University of Arizona

Ronald M. Lazar, PhD – University of Alabama at Birmingham

Ronald A. Cohen, PhD – University of Florida

Adam J. Woods, PhD – University of Florida

Bonnie E. Levin, PhD – University of Miami

Tatjana Rundek, MD, PhD – University of Miami